Guided Auger Boring Systems

Perforator Limited has available for sale / hire a range of Guided Auger Boring Systems and associated tooling to meet a range of your projects requirements.

The Perforator PBA guided boring systems with 'Optical Electronic Navigation' are now a proven technique for the accurate installation of lost steel casings, ducts, water and sewerage systems, clay pipes, to accurate line and level.

These systems are now being used extensively throughout the UK by Utility Companies, Specialist Trenchless Contractors, Civil Engineering Companies and Construction Companies, to install various services underneath Roads, Railways, Rivers and Buildings.

Perforator systems may also be found to be a viable alternative to some open cut works and timber headings.

Thrust Boring Machines

Perforator PBA 85

Hydraulic Power Packs

Perforator HS 156 Power Pack

Bentonite Pump & Tank

Perforator Bentonite Pump & Tank

P.U.D System