Thrust Boring Range of Applications

Guided Auger Boring

3 Pass System

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Thrust Boring

Jacking of steel and product pipes. Continuous removal
of soil by augers. Installation of casings by base
machine and extension frames.

Towing Method

Jacking of reusable steel pipes into the receiver pit.
A PVC pipe is then attached to the steel pipes by
a pulling chain and installed by towing back
the reusable pipes.

PE Pipe Laying 

A string of pilot rods is pressed through displaceable
soil into the receiver pit. Then the steering head of the
pilot rod is replaced by a pulling head to which the flexible
endless pipe is attached and pulled back into the
working pit.

Non-Steered House Connections 

Jacking of reusable steel casings with simultaneous
removal of soil by augers, followed by pushing in
product pipes without sockets but with identical
outside diameter. Recovery of the steel casings
in the target pit.

'Berlin Construction' 

Radial installation of house connections out of existing
manholes. Above described methods of pipe installation
can be applied.

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