HDD Rock Drilling Machines

TERRA - JET Series Rock 

A Wide Range of bores can already be handled with our clever designed fluid assisted HDD machines TERRA-JET Series S. In Case the ground contains certain areas with rock, an economic solution may then be to equip the Series S machines with a compressed-air rock tool.

The outer rods rotate the bent body of the rock head, this steers the bore.
The drilling fluid flows through the inner rods and allows maximum flow rate. The bentonite drilling fluid transports the cuttings out of the bore channel.

But imagine if you have to constantly drill through rock. For this specific case we recommend you invest in a dual rod HDD machine. Now available with the brand new TERRA-JET Series Rock. It allows smooth drilling through rock and almost all other terrain ("All Terrain" AT)

The tricone of the robust rock head is driven by the inner rods with a rotation speed of up to 250 rpm. Tipped with carbide metal the roller bit ("Tricone") can manage nearly each single type of ground.

The TERRA-JET Series Rock can be easily transformed to single drill rods with a minimum expenditure of time. No second set of drill rods necessary. Two Multifunctional joysticks ensure a user friendly and direct handling of all manoeuvres. 

TJ 39x11 Rock 

The rack and pinion drive allows a smooth thrust and pullback of the drill rods. Designed with high-class sound absorbers the TERRA-JET Series Rock is one of the most silent HDD Machines available on today's market. 

Max. Torque
Torque. Inner Rod
Max. Drilling Fluid
Max. Drilling Length
Max. Backream Dia

In Rock:
Max. Drilling Length
Max. Backream Dia


TJ 39x11 Rock
11 tons machine

72 kW (98HP)
3.900 Nm
1.200 Nm @ 250 rpm
189 ltr/min, 60 bar

TJ 65x15 Rock
15 tons machine

95 kW (129HP)
6.500 Nm
1.800 Nm @ 200 rpm
265 ltr/min, 80 bar

TJ85x18 Rock
18 tons machine

129 kW (175HP)
8.500 Nm
1.800 Nm @ 200 rpm
320 ltr/min, 80 bar

TJ160x35 Rock
35 tons machine

182 kW (248HP)
17.100 Nm
3.500 Nm @ 200 rpm
580 ltr/min, 80 bar


All data depending on ground conditions. Technical data may change without prior notice. 

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